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Here’s a bunch of reasons to have your air conditioning cleaned this winter

air conditioning cleaning service

Having your air conditioning unit cleaned. Who needs it? Well, after reading the below, you might decide that you do because regular cleaning can bring both health and financial benefits.

Your air conditioner is more efficient.

Getting rid of the dirt, dust and other debris that’s clogging the air filters will reduce stress caused by the unit having to work harder than it needs to do its job. Evaporator coils covered in dust also lose their ability to absorb heat, making your unit far less effective!

Less’ bill shock’

Air con contributes a fair amount to your electricity bill… and a dirty air con unit running below peak efficiency (see above) can send your bill only one way. That’s up. And of course, not cleaning your unit also means you shorten its lifespan resulting in another bill.

Improved air quality

It goes without saying, but by keeping your air con clean, you’ll have less unwanted mould, fungi, bacteria and germs to contend with. This means that you can turn your air conditioner on knowing that you’re not blowing all of these nasties into circulation inside your home, a significant contributor to respiratory illnesses and asthma attacks. Your family will thank you.

And one final benefit. Our technicians are all fully trained and qualified, so they’re more likely to find small faults with your unit before they become big ones!

Take advantage of our Discount Air Conditioner Servicing offer

From the 1st of June, we will be providing discounted servicing (cleaning) of all residential split and ducted system air conditioners (for a limited time).
You’ll get 10% off our regular price and for our customers who got their a/c’s serviced during our special last winter – 20% off.
Servicing during the winter months lets you find out any issues before next summer.
What our technicians do when servicing your air conditioner –

  • Test air conditioner
  • Remove filters
  • Check drains
  • Clean filters (splits) replace filters (ducted)
  • Dry and deodorise filters
  • Clean head unit
  • Check indoor fan
  • Return filters and final wipe over
  • Coil clean outdoor unit
  • Demonstrate functions for the customer if required

We recommend servicing your air conditioner at least every 12 months, depending on usage.

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I have been a customer of Powerhouse Air Conditioning Electrical for many years. I am more than happy to continue as their customer because of the excellent work they do, the great service they give and their caring and helpful staff.  They go that extra mile to help in so many ways which is so important. I am 85 and a widow so I appreciate their friendship and care as well as their expertise.  I am happy to have Powerhouse Air Conditioning & Electrical as my friendly electrician.

Marie Blake

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