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How an Air Conditioning System Improves Your Health

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Everyone has basic conditions in their environment that need managing, and a well-maintained split-system or ducted air conditioner can play an important role in providing the following health benefits:

Improved respiratory conditions.

Airborne particles are a fact of life, they’re always there and in a hot dusty environment like Queensland, even more so. But an enclosed space such as your home traps them and if you suffer from a condition such as asthma, it can make your symptoms worse. Air conditioning improves air quality by removing particles as well as other contaminants that aggravate respiratory conditions from your environment.

Regulates humidity.

Queensland can provide us with some pretty humid days in summer! Air conditioning maintains a comfortable, steady level of humidity. Too high and humidity is not just sticky and uncomfortable but it’s a breeding ground for bacteria. Too low and the dry air will irritate your skin and dry out your sinuses.

Reduces bad smells.

An unpleasant odour with a source you can’t eliminate is not nice, but it can be the indicator of a problem. Air that’s stale, fumes from outside and food or cleaning product smells that have seeped indoors and become stagnant can have an effect on health. These smells are an indicator that there are active chemicals in the air. A well-maintained air conditioner with an efficient filter will strip out these smells and mitigate the bigger issues.

Consistency of temperature.

The obvious drawcard! Yet the harmful effect of ‘too-hot, too-cold’ and a temperature that fluctuates to extremes is often overlooked. Overly warm and it saps the energy, too cold and it not only makes it difficult to concentrate but it also contributes to chronic fatigue and a depleted immune system and a higher risk of infection. Air conditioning keeps the ambient temperature steady enabling the body to regulate its own temperature and be better prepared to fight off infections.

 Comfortable sleep.

We all know what it’s like to try and sleep through a hot summer’s night! But air conditioning is not just for the unbearable… by setting your air conditioning to between 21-23º C you’re much more likely to get a better night’s sleep generally. Falling asleep within this temperature range reduces the need for the body to regulate its own temperature because its already in a cool environment. If the room is too hot or too cold the body is forced to adjust its own temperature keeping you awake longer or, waking you up in the night.

If you’re keen to minimise the uncomfortable heat of summer or you’ve got a system that needs upgrading give us a call. We’ve a range of models and pricing so we’ve got the system to suit you.


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