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How much is that old air conditioner actually costing you?

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We’ve moved on a long way from the big old air conditioner units of yesteryear, and it’s fair to say that our pockets and the environment are probably very happy because of it! Although modern air conditioning split systems look very different, it’s not immediately apparent what’s changed other than they’ve become more streamlined, quieter and clearly, more efficient!

Air conditioning systems still use Freon as the heat transfer agent – that’s the gas that changes from a gas to a liquid as it flows through the piping between the condenser (external) and evaporator (internal) parts of your system.

Other than that, a lot’s changed! The electrical motors used today are high tech components unlike those of even a few years ago and offer so much more regarding efficiency, are a lot quieter and do a far better job of keeping you cool!

Just like most industries today, technology has made itself felt in the air conditioner manufacturing industry too. New design thinking and innovation, optimised precision manufacturing, better designed and highly efficient motors and compressors have reduced running costs of split system air conditioners significantly – in some cases as much as 30% depending on the age and make your current system.

So, if you’ve had your current split system for a while and you’ve noticed your bills beginning to creep up, give some thought to how much extra you’ll need to add for service, repairs and if you’re alarmed by the figure that you come up with, give us a call.

With a range of solutions that are lighter, compact and more stable, use gases that are better for the environment and can be integrated into your ‘smart’ home if required, we’ve got a solution to suit you.

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I have been a customer of Powerhouse Air Conditioning Electrical for many years. I am more than happy to continue as their customer because of the excellent work they do, the great service they give and their caring and helpful staff.  They go that extra mile to help in so many ways which is so important. I am 85 and a widow so I appreciate their friendship and care as well as their expertise.  I am happy to have Powerhouse Air Conditioning & Electrical as my friendly electrician.

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