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Here’s what to look for when buying an air conditioner

Assess costs
Have you noticed your past Summer bills sky-rocketing? If your current air conditioning unit is 10 year or older it may be time to get a new system, especially if your current one hasn’t been maintained along the way. Older air conditioners are less effective at cooling/heating compared to newer systems with updated technology available. You will often find older systems will be less efficient at cooling/heating and costly to run as comparatively, require a lot of energy.
There are obvious costs involved in getting a new air conditioner, so before you get a new one it can pay to have your existing system assessed by a qualified professional. It may be that your current unit only requires a service or a few parts to be fixed to have it back to full working order, ready again to keep you and your family cool in the heat of Summer.

Two common questions we hear are ‘what type of air conditioner do I need?’ and ‘what size air conditioner do I need?’. The answers to both questions will depend on a few things:

a) Space:
What area are you aiming to cool/heat? One room? An open plan kitchen, dining and lounge?  The whole house?  You need to be clear what you are wanting to achieve when cooling/heating, so it’s helpful to have floor plans or take measurements of the area before a consultation.

b) Split system or ducted?
If you need your whole house air conditioned a ducted system would suit best.
If you just need a few rooms done, then split systems are the way to go.  Split systems have a head unit (indoor) and an outdoor unit with the main motor in it.  Have a think about which wall you want the head unit on and where you want it piped through to the outdoor unit.  The further the outdoor unit is away, the dearer the installation will be, so if possible have the indoor and outdoor units “back to back” which means the head unit is on the inside of the external wall and piped straight out and down to the outdoor unit.
Speaking to a professional can ensure that you get the system with the correct cooling capacity for your space, otherwise you could be stuck with a poor performing system that chews through energy and results in expensive bills.  Other factors to consider include; how much sun (heat) each room receives, the insulation already present, the type of roof and the physical space you have to fit the unit.

c) Features:
Wonderfully, these days there is a constant upgrading of features in appliances. It is good to have a clear idea of what you want, keeping them in mind as you research your options. Some features might be standard, such as remote control systems, while others might be dependant on price levels. Features that are becoming more common are:

  •  Air conditioning zones (for ducted systems) – the ability to shut off air flow to unused rooms could improve the lifespan of your unit while saving you money.
  • Eco-energy sensors (for split systems) – these sensors detect human activity, or lack of, plus sunlight and temperature and reduce energy waste based on these finding to optimise the systems operation in accordance with the room conditions.
  • System check lights – A simple yet effective way of knowing when your system, or part of it, is not working correctly.

Hopefully, you will by now have a greater idea about what you require in a new air conditioner. Would you like more help? At Powerhouse Air Conditioning & Electrical we pride ourselves on our quality, workmanship and reliability, and would love to help you further to find the air conditioner that suits your needs and budget.
The standout of our air conditioning options is the cool and reliable range of systems from Panasonic. The Panasonic air conditioner range will keep your home cool in summer, warm in winter and look great, while complementing your interiors. We endorse and promote this brand not just because of its capacity to cool but also because of how much it decreases your power bill while maintaining a green rating.

As we are an approved, licensed dealer for sales, installations and service of Panasonic air conditioning systems, we can help you every step of the way. Why deal with a retailer and then have to find an installer when we are experts in both! We service North Brisbane suburbs including Samford, Highvale, Dayboro, Albany Creek, The Gap, Ferny Hills, Mt Nebo, Mt Glorious, Albany Creek, Eatons Hill, Ferny Grove, Warner and more.

Currently Energex have a Peak Smart Relay Incentive where they are offering money back on air conditioners installed with the “Peak Smart Relay”. Depending on the size of the air conditioner you can receive between $150-$250 per unit, up to a total of 5 split systems or $500 per 1 ducted system. Hurry, as this is for a limited time only! (Please call our office for further information).

Remember our top tips to installing a new air conditioner this summer:

  • Use the best: Let the experts advise you on the right model for you, don’t go out and get a cheap model, pay for the installation and have it break down!  You get what you pay for with air conditioners, and it is very costly to have to install another one!
  • Efficiency = Savings: Get a model that is efficient, for you and the environment.
  • Trusted professional: Don’t underestimate the importance of correct installation. Make sure your unit is installed by a qualified professional ensuring your system will be running efficiently from the first time you switch it on.

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